Strengthening Rural Decentralisation drive in West Bengal

          The government of West Bengal has demonstrated sustained commitment to poverty reduction (proportion of the poor reduced from about 73% in 1973-74 to 32% in 1999-2000) through rural decentralisation and other pro-poor measures. Panchayati Raj Institutions (rural local bodies) in West Bengal are stronger than their counterparts in most other Indian states, and have contributed to halving of rural poverty between the mid-1970s and the mid-1990s. However, in recent years progress on poverty reduction has slowed down. One of the main causes of this is weakness of the rural decentralisation structures and processes, particularly those relating to PRIs (also called Panchayats) and their support institutions. Population growth and new areas of responsibility assigned to PRIs have highlighted the problems of low capacities and wide jurisdictions of panchayats. The SRD programme supports GoWB’s efforts to address these weaknesses that have constrained further poverty reduction since the early 1990s.

          The purpose of the SRD programme is to secure more effective, accountable, pro-poor rural decentralisation. This programme focuses on further developing Panchayat capacity to deliver pro-poor rural development. Panchayats’ ability to deal with issues of rural poverty in West Bengal is well established. Their enhanced capacities and redressal of other weaknesses of rural decentralisation in the state will further enhance the chances of the programme effectively contributing to the goal of sustainable reduction in poverty in the rural areas of the state. This is no parallel programme but a complementary and additional support to the state Government’s ongoing initiative for rural decentralisation & poverty alleviation.


          The brochure of SRD Programme details out the purpose and the different components of the programme, the pertinent expected output and implementation and monitoring
           strategies for the programme.

           Programme Memorandum- Phase I

          The Programme Memorandum Phase I was developed in October 2005. It majorly includes the various aspects related with the next generation of rural developement
           programmes, programme approach including the different phases in which the programme will be implemented.

           Programme Memorandum- Phase II

          The Programme Memorandum Phase II was developed in November 2007. It majorly includes the detailed structure of the programme, approach and appraisal process
           including the implementation and evaluation of the programme.

           Annual Report

          Reports generated from SRD Cell is integrated every year in the annual report published from WBSRDA. The SRD Annual Report contains brief detais of the phases of the
           programme implementation in 14 districts associated with various photographs and case studies.

           Presentation on Launching Ceremony

          The fundamental features of the SRD Programme are explained in brief.

           Presentation on Initiative for SRD

          Detailed features of SRD Programme are denoted in this presentation. The intervention areas of SRD including the approaches and strategies, decentralised planning etc.

           Lokshiksha Sanchar

           Publications of SRD

          Books published by SRD on various issues and themes :           

  1. Ujjwal Drishtanto
  2. Gram Unnyan Samitir Haatboi
  3. Gram Unnayan Samiti-r Arthik Babyasthapana
  4. Samanwito Panchayat Parikalpana
  5. Prosnottore Series
    1. Prosnottore Shiksha
      1. Prosnottore Shiksha
      2. Sangjojoni
    2. Prosnottore Jana Swastha
      1. Jana Swasthya
      2. Sangjojoni
    3. Prosnottore Chas Bas
    4. Prosnottore Gram Panchayat - 1
    5. Prosnottore Gram Panchayat - 2
    6. Prosnottore Gram Panchayat - 3
    7. Prosnottore Machhchas
    8. Prosnottore Prani Palan

           Panchayati Raj

           SRD Evaluation

           Fiduciary Risk Assessment Report

           Poverty Impact Assessment of Critical Support for Poverty Reduction_Sambodhi Report 2009

           Independent Assessment of the SRD Capacity Building Initiative

           Achievements of SRD