Schemes/Projects under Panchayats & Rural Development Department

Sl. Scheme Name Address Description view
1. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Joint Administrative Building,
9th Floor,
Telephone: 033-2335 6103/2334 6114
033-2334 0047/58(Ext 350/353/354)
The scheme aims at improving livelihood and standard of living of the rural population, allowing them to be self-sustainable and independent at the same time by guaranteeing hundred days of wage-employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. CHCMI
(West Bengal State Rural Livelihood Mission)
Joint Administrative Building, 10th Floor,
Telephone:033-2335 3740/3731/3721
Anandadhara, a flagship anti-poverty programme envisages to enable the community to come out poverty through formation and strengthening of women SHGs and their networks, their capacity building, financial inclusion, access to institutional credit and skill development for taking up different livelihoods options, supported with provisions of technological as well as marketing support. WBSRLM
3. Banglar Gram Sadak Yojana
Joint Administrative Building,
6th Floor/10th Floor,
Telephone: 033-2334-3378
033-2334 0047/58 (Ext 260 to 267)
The primary objective of this Yojana is to provide connectivity by way of all weather road (with necessary culverts and cross drainage structures which is operable throughout the year), to the unconnected habitations in the rural areas of the State. BGSY
4. Rural Housing Joint Administrative Building,
10th Floor,
Telephone :033-2334 3343
033-2334 0047/58 (Ext-326)
This scheme with the objective of addressing housing needs in the rural areas aims at providing a pucca house, with basic amenities, to all houseless households and households living in kutcha and dilapidated house, by 2022 with a minimum unit (house) of 25 sq. m including a dedicated area for hygienic cooking. RHOUSING
5. Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayats (ISGP) Programme - II Mrittika Bhavan, 6th Floor, Block-DD,
Sector-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064
Telephone: 033-2359-2006 , 033-2359-2004
Government of West Bengal with financial assistance from the World Bank, has designed and launched the second phase of ISGPP (ISGPP-II) in FY 2016-17. This is aimed at scaling up the capacity building support system and performance based grant (PBG) allocation system state wide encompassing all 3,342 GPs of the state. ISGP
6. West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation
Mrittika Bhavan, 2nd & 3rd floor, Plot no-18/9, Block-DD,
Sector-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064
Telephone: 033-2237 7041/42/43
The WBCADC is primarily engaged in the development of the primary sectors of the economy i.e Agriculture, Fishery, Animal Resource Development and operates through its 21 project offices located in different districts across the State. The projects aim at area based rural development through increased agricultural and allied production ensuring maximum benefit of such production to the cultivators. WBCADC
7. Community Healthcare Management Initiative (CHCMI) Joint Administrative Building 8th Floor
Telephone: 033-2334 0047/58
CHCMI is an initiative of P&RD Department aiming at awareness generation and behavioral change of community on different public health issues. “Community’s health in Community’s Hands” being the motto of the programme, CHCMI seeks to converge community action at the grass root level to the cause of promoting good health and preventing sickness in the community. CHCMI
8. Social Security Joint Administrative Building 8th Floor
Telephone: 033-2334 0047/58
(Ext 315/318)
National Social Assistance Programme represents a significant step towards the fulfillment of the Directive Principles in Article 41 of the Constitution. The programme aims at ensuring minimum national standard for social assistance. NSAP at present, comprises of Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS), Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme (IGNWPS), Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS) and National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) SSECURITY
9. Rural Sanitation
(Mission Nirmal Bangla)
Joint Administrative Building 8th Floor
Telephone: 033-2334 0047/58
Objective of Mission Nirmal Bangla is to bring about an improvement in the general quality of life in the rural areas by promoting sustainable sanitation facilities with focus on Solid & Liquid Waste Management for overall cleanliness in the rural West Bengal. NRLM