Circulars & Orders 

Notification No Date Category Subject
0078/SS/(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 21-09-2020 Order District level workshop on rolling out GPDP for the year 2021-22
498/SS/(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 18-09-2020 Order Guideline for preparation of Panchayat Development Plan for PSs & ZPs for the year of 2021-22
0075/SS/(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-II 10-09-2020 Order Initiation of the process for participatory planning at GP level and timeline for preperation of GPDP for the year 2021-22
445/SS/DD/2020 26-08-2020 Order Selection of GP for Model GP and PLC under RGSA Scheme
446/RGSA-V-5(Mm)/1/2020 26-08-2020 Order Installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine & incinerator at DPTRC
431/STARPARD/V-5(Pol.m)/2/RGSA/18-19 24-08-2020 Order Allotment of funds for the approved projects for Economic Development & Income Generation under RGSA Programme
427/SS/(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-I 19-08-2020 Order Time frame and plan format for preperation of PS & ZPs & SMPs Plan in context of 15 FC Grant for the year of 2020-21
409/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/2020 Part-II 10-08-2020 Order Revised List of State Level Master Trainers and District Level Master Trainers from the State of West Bengal for Model GP Cluster project.
405/STARPARD/II-2(DPTRC)/3 10-07-2020 Order Administrative approval towards incurring repairing & painting of the DPTRC , Baruipur, South 24-Parganas
367/SS/DD/2020 03-07-2020 Order Selection of GPs for Model GP as PLC under RGSA Scheme
347/STARPARD/V-5(Pol.m)/2/RGSA/18-19 29-06-2020 Order Guideline for Project Based Support for economic Development and Income Enhancement through Panchayats in Rural Area under RGSA
329(21)/SS/DD/PN/O/I/1S-01/2018 17-06-2020 Order Sub-allotment of fund for survey and training of Mission Antyodaya 2019
323/SS/DD/PN/O/I/3C-01/2015 15-06-2020 Order Sanction an amount of Rs. 500000.00 for incentivization of Pancahyts Scheme as CFGPA 2020 under Panchayats Award
0033/SS//DD/RD/MIS(Com)/5M-3/2018 01-06-2020 Order Order relating to maintain 15th FC Fund(both basic & tied) through integration of PRIA soft and PFMS for geo tagging of activities and to monitor various stages of plan implementation
0030/SS/P&RD/WBSRDA/1E-4/2015 20-05-2020 Order Order relating to Performance linked Incentive Grants
175/SS/DD(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 20-03-2020 Order Revised in the date of finalization of the revised GPDP for the year 2020-21 in context with the recommendation of the 15th FC
153/SS/DD(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 11-03-2020 Order Revision in GPDP for the year 2020-21 in context with the recommendation of the 15th FC
158(21)/STARPARD/II-2(TRG)/2018 13-02-2020 Order MIS entry of the Training on Application Soft, M-Action, GRMS and GIS under GPMS
60/SS/DD(21)/PN/O/I/3C-02/2015 03-02-2020 Order Revised timeframe for online assesment and nomination of Panchayat based performance in the Apprisal year 2018-19
18/SS/DD(21)/PN/O/I/3C-02/2015 09-01-2020 Order Online assessment & nomination of Panchayats based on performance in the Apraisal Year: 2018-19 for four categories of awards under the National Panchayat Awards-2020
632/SS/DD(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 24-12-2019 Order Revised timeline for final approval of the GPDP in the PlanPlus Software for Alipurduar and South 24-Parganas Districts
631/SS/DD(21)/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 23-12-2019 Order Timeline for final approval of the GPDP in the PlanPlus Software
10281/(21)/PN/O/I/1S-01/2018 13-12-2019 Order Review of Progress made in Mission Antyodaya Survey-2019 & preperation of GPDP for the FY 2020-21
10217(21)/1(2)PN/O/I/1S-01/2018 11-12-2019 Order Celebration of Constitution Day with reading of the Preamble to the Constitution in all the Panchayats and Awareness Campaign on Citizens Duties including Fundamental Duties as enshrined in the Constitution
PN/O/I/4F-02/2019 26-11-2019 Order Retention of fund s against committed liabilities relating to FY 2018-19 in favour of Purulia
G-31011/17/2019-RE-V(368314) 25-11-2019 Order Time line for uploading Plan relating to labour budget under MGNREGA in GPDP through PlanPlus Software for the financial year 2020-21
9534 (22) RD/O/NREGA/18S-07/2019 19-11-2019 Order Biodiversity Management and its implementation through GPDP
1634/(1 )/STARPARD/III-3(IP)/1/Part-1 14-11-2019 Order Timeline for uploading Plan relating to labour budget under MGNREGA in GPDP through PLanPlus Software for the FY 2020-21
9369(2)/PN/O/I/1S-01/2018 11-11-2019 Order Impact Assessment of Training of PRIs to be conducted by Centre for Development
502/SS/STARPARD/V/4(Plan)/4 05-11-2019 Order Initiation of the application of the Action Software to facilitate recording and monitoring of the physical and financial progress of works being undertaken in the approved GPDP
8097(21)/PN/O/I/2M-03/2017(Pt.-II) 23-10-2019 Order Revised timeline for completion of MIssion Antyodaya Survey-2019-20